Yardi Reporting 

Yardi Voyager is a powerful property management software that offers a wide range of capabilities to streamline property management operations. One of its key features is its reporting functionality, which allows users to create custom reports to analyze and present data in a variety of formats. 

Yardi Reporting is designed to help property managers gain a deeper understanding of their properties and make informed business decisions. With Yardi Reporting Solutions, property managers can access a wide range of reports including financial reports, operational reports, and marketing reports. 

  • Customizable Report Templates 

The ability to create and customize report templates is essential for users who need to generate reports quickly and efficiently. Yardi Voyager offers a wide range of customizable report templates that can be tailored to meet specific business needs. 

Users can also create their own templates from scratch or modify existing templates to suit their needs. This flexibility allows users to generate reports that are relevant and meaningful to their business. 

  • Compliance Reporting 

Compliance reporting is a critical requirement for property management operations. Yardi Voyager offers a range of compliance reporting tools that help users stay on top of regulatory requirements. 

Users can generate compliance reports for a range of regulations, including fair housing, lease administration, and tax compliance. This helps ensure that property management operations are compliant with all relevant regulations. 

  • Automate Report Generation

Another key feature of Yardi Voyager Reporting Solutions is the ability to automate reports. Businesses can schedule reports to run automatically, ensuring that they receive the data they need when they need it. This saves time and resources, as businesses do not need to manually run reports. 

  • Seamless Integration with Yardi Products 

Yardi Voyager Reporting Solutions offer seamless integration with other Yardi products, such as Yardi Rent Café and Yardi Marketplace. This allows businesses to access all of their data in one place, streamlining their workflows and making it easier to manage their portfolio. 

  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities 

In addition to standard reports, Yardi Voyager offers advanced reporting capabilities that allow users to create highly customized reports. These advanced features include: 

  1. YSR (Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting): This feature allows users to create custom reports using Microsoft Excel. YSR connects directly to Voyager’s database and allows users to create reports using familiar Excel features such as pivot tables and charts. 
  2. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services): SSRS is a powerful reporting tool that allows users to create highly customized reports using Microsoft SQL Server. This tool is ideal for users with advanced SQL skills who need to create complex reports. 

Benefits of Yardi Voyager Reporting 

The Yardi Voyager reporting solutions offer numerous benefits for real estate professionals. These benefits include: 

  1. Time saving: By automating reporting tasks, Yardi Voyager allows users to save time and focus on more important tasks. 
  2. Increased accuracy: By providing real-time data and automated reporting, Yardi Voyager helps ensure that reports are accurate and up to date. 
  3. Customization: With its advanced reporting capabilities, Yardi Voyager allows users to create highly customized reports that provide valuable insights into their properties and markets. 
  4. Easy sharing: By providing reports in multiple formats and allowing for automated delivery, Yardi Voyager makes it easy to share information with colleagues, partners, and clients. 

Yardi Voyager’s reporting capabilities offer a range of tools for generating insights and identifying trends in property management operations. By considering the key reporting requirements outlined in this blog, users can make the most of Yardi Voyager’s powerful reporting functionality and drive improved performance in their property management operations.