Lease contracts are increasingly getting thorough, detailed, and granular. That makes it more important to capture all relevant details as implications for any errors are costly.

Capturing of lease details such as critical dates, key clauses, monetary values are essential for future forecast analytics and to avoid any serious financial liability. Hence it is essential to abstract key lease contract details into summarised data from the many detailed pages. Our team is well versed with the nuances and technicalities of commercial, and retail leases.

How we can help

We are committed to the Real Estate sector. We have staff who are experts and understand each nuance of Real estate sector contracts. We are cost efficient with zero compromise of quality We prepare summarised data that can be directly transferred to any property management system

Our Offerings in

  • ¬†Lease contract summarized abstract
  • Detailed Financial abstract
  • Document management
  • Data tagging
  • Data transfer to any software system
  • Lease Data Audit and reconciliation